Generation-2 vs Generation-3 Games:

 Our Gen-3 games are more immersive than our Gen-2 games.  

All our games are equally solid and can be played at a beginner or advanced level. 

Donavan Tate stole the  

world’s largest, most precious diamond valued at 70-million dollars. Your team needs to infiltrate his estate, bypass his 3-security systems & retrieve the diamond. This assignment is dangerous, is your team up for  

the challenge?

<img src="Diamond Box.jpg" alt="The winning Pink Argyle diamond!">
<img src="Donavan Tate’s Ar.jpg" alt="Mona Lisa">  Gallery
<img src="Donavan Tate’s Cigar Den.jpg" alt="Secret Clock!">
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Gen-2 | 2-13 Players | Ages 6+|  $26 PP
Intensity: 10/10
Lighting Variations | Alarms | Intense Music: Yes 
<img src="The Case of The Mad Scientist.jpg" alt="Logo">

   The F.B.I. discovered a secret research laboratory of a missing scientist from 1960. It was widely known that he was working on a deadly virus when he went missing. Your biohazard team is the first to enter his laboratory in 59-years. Can you find out what happened to solve his mysterious disappearance, locate the deadly virus and save the world?  You have 60-minutes to retrieve the virus and the cure…

This game is NOT scary :)  
But, it is more challenging than our other escape games. We can help you as much as you want.
<img src="The Case of The Mad Scientist.jpg" alt="Yellow Book Now Button">
Gen-2 | 2-13 Players | Ages 6+|  $26 PP
Intensity: 10/10
Lighting Variations | Alarms | Intense Music: Yes 
DB Cooper's Hidout Cabin.jpg

The Mystery of D.B. COOPER

You and your friends are going on a hiking expedition deep into the woods of the Pacific Northwest. You’ve stopped by a small town for supplies and overheard some of the locals talking about a mysterious cabin and twenty dollar bills found in the forest over the years. You wonder if it could be D.B. Cooper’s hide  out cabin? You convince your friends to take a  

detour  with you…  

Ages 14 +
Sorry, no tween birthday groups.
DB Cooper's Hideout Cabin Sidfe View.jpg
Gen-3 | 2-9 Players | Ages 14+|  $26 PP
Intensity: 10/10
Lighting Variations | Alarms | Intense Music: Yes 

It’s nightfall in the small fishing village of Fenwick and a mysterious ship has appeared at the shore. Curious but worried at the same time, you step aboard…yet it seems the crew is nowhere to be found. You've heard rumors of a ghost ship before ~ tales of mysterious sea creatures and riches beyond your wildest dreams... Could they be true?

Gen-3 | 2-9 Players | Ages 14+|  $26 PP
Intensity: 10/10
Lighting Variations | Alarms | Intense Music: Yes 

That’s right – we deliver!  

Our custom-built portable escape game can play up to 40 players per hour and can be brought to any location!   

Solve exciting puzzles, codes and clues right in your office, meeting space - or any indoor venue! Your team can expect to enjoy super fun riddles, logic puzzles and hands-on teamwork exercises. 


Friends & Family Special Events:

Shake up the way you and friends or family hang out! Our portable escape game will take your party, family reunion, barbecue, or special event to the next level!  


Schools | Clubs | Youth Groups: 

A great activity for kids aged 12+. Once the game begins, you will be surprised how effortlessly your students start communicating, brainstorming, and strategizing together!


Community Events | Non-Profit Organizations | Event Planners: 

Our portable escape game would be an exciting entertainment event suited for conferences, fundraisers, community gatherings, weddings and more. 


Turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary event! Make a booking enquiry today! (208) 691-9463  


Gen-2 | 20-40 Players | Age 14+|  Call for group pricing
Intensity: 8/10
Intense Music: Yes 

Our Portable Escape Game!

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