• ALL GAMES ARE PRIVATE! -No stranger groups here :)
  • To avoid running into our no refund policy... book for the miniumn you have and you can add additional players on at any time. (Remember -you must have two tickets paid for or our system will drop your booking!) We do not offer refunds for no-show or late players, online booking mistakes or product un-satisfaction (if you do not win your game.) Make sure to read the booking confirmation so you are aware of the information contained in it for your group.
  • Rescheduling an experience is allowed as a one-time courtesy if we are notified 48-hours in advance of your booking. The rescheduled date must fall within 30-days of the current date. We do not offer refunds.
  • We don't allow multiple bookings back to back for groups of less than 4-people on the same day.
  • $28 PER PERSON (Credit Cards or exact cash.)
    • 2-13 Players The Pink Argyle Diamond Heist | 13 Players Max | Ages 6+
    • 2-13 Players The Case of The Mad Scientist |13 Players Max | Ages 6+
    • 2-9 Players The Pirates Code | 9 Players Max | Ages 10+
    • 2-9 Players The Mystery of D.B. Cooper | 9 Players Max | Ages 14+
    • D.B. Cooper is NOT AVAILABLE FOR TWEEN BIRTHDAY PARTIES. 1-2 kiddos ages 10-14 are allowed if they are with one of their parents in the game.
    • 1-Adult is required to be in any escape game for ages13-Yrs. and under.
    • Call or email for details about our Akamu Island, portable escape game. We bring the fun to you! | 20-40 Players per hour | Ages 12+


  • Giftcards can be purchased & redeemed online. We have giftcard packaging that can be picked up after your purchase has been made on Saturdays after 1:00P.M. You do not need to have the packaging to redeem the giftcard code online.
  • We do not offer refunds on unused gift cards. No cash value. Gift cards must be used within 6 months of the purchased date.


  • Under 18-years of age must have a waiver form filed out by their parent/guardian


  1. We will refuse service or end your game if we determine you are being disruptive in the game and or dangerous to yourself and/or others.
  2. We maintain a business that is family friendly and professional: Alcohol or drugs are not permitted. Those considered to be under the influence of such may be asked to leave the premises and no refund will be given.
  3. If there is damage to ANY property of 59:Escape Adventures you will be charged for the replacement value of the item(s).
  4. Climbing or jumping is NOT allowed in our escape rooms.
  5. Brute force is NOT allowed. A gentle touch is all that is needed while interacting with the props/clues in our escape games.
  6. Photo or video recording (Including cell phone usage) is NOT allowed in any of our escape rooms.
  7. Food, drinks, kiddos under age of 6-years or animals are not allowed in any of the escape rooms. Infants are permitted in a front or backpac carrier.


PRIVATE ESCAPE GAMES - YES!!! Your team will be the ONLY ones in your game. No employees or strangers will be in your game. We'll be communicating with you through our custom, in-room escape game monitoring system. From the time you enter our building to the time you leave, we will always be more than 6-feet away. It's like having a movie theater to yourselves. SOCIAL DISTANCING Our facility is over 4,000 S.F. We have two separate commercial, ventilation systems that support our escape game areas so our facility is well ventilated. Your pre-game, video viewing area is more than 30-feet from our front desk & our game rooms are more than large enough to exceed social distancing requirements. We are not a health care facility. We do follow all ADA guidelines and our facility is ADA compliant. We do not discriminate against anyone. 100% CONTACTLESS CHECK-IN YES!

  2. Pay for the team members you know you have, you can add onto your reservation at any time.
  3. ARRIVE 15-MIN. PRIOR to the start of your game. To have your full room time, please be on time. We space bookings to allow for 1-team to be our lobby area at a time. Your countdown clock will start on time no matter if you group is late.
  4. All team members must have their waivers submitted online PRIOR to entering our building. Please make sure they fill them out in their name only.
  5. Our front desk staff will greet you with a smile and check you in from across the room. Please do not approach the front desk area :)
CLEANING MEASURES For your safety and in addition to our standard cleaning practices we have implemented the following: ESCAPE GAME ROOMS We've installed commercial, hospital grade U.V.C. disinfection systems. They flood our game rooms with powerful UVC light, killing 97.99% of viruses. Studies have shown U.V.C. light has been successful in killing SARS & other coronaviruses.
  • Because of these powerful systems, at the conclusion of your escape game, teams should promptly exit the game room so we can activate the disinfection U.V.C. system for that area. As an additional safety measure, we’ve installed safety switches to eliminate the possibility for players or employees to be exposed during the U.V.C. disinfection process. There are no harmful, residual, leftover effects left behind once the UVC system has finished it's cycling process.
FRONT DESK / CONFERENCE ROOM / LOBBY We use an alcohol / botanical based, catalytic converter air-purification system several times a day. It destroys air borne viruses, increases oxygen levels and leaves the air smelling fresh! BOOKINGS: Our booking times have been spaced to prevent players from passing other groups in our hallway or lobby areas. Please make sure your team is arriving on time to help in this process.


By appointment only: 2:00-8:15 Monday | Tue | Thursday 1:00-9:45 Friday 11:00-9:45 Saturday 1:00-8:15 Sunday Call for Availability on Wednesday's


  • Plan for 90-Min. | 15 min. pre-game video & instructions | 60-Min. escape game
  • WE DO NOT LOCK YOU IN! We want you safe and comfortable at all times! Your game will take place in a private, custom-built, specially designed room with movie set decor. Each is game is original. Our games are equipped with the latest, cutting edge, automated technology & sometimes... multi-room game play.
  • You'll work together using the clues you've discovered to find secret hidden objects, solve mysterious codes & puzzles in order to solve your game & escape to win. Think Clue mixed with James Bond! There is something for everyone! :)
  • Once your countdown timer signals the end of your game. promptly exit your game room so we can start the UVC disenfection process. (See "Covid" below for more info.)
  • Due to enhanced cleaning, scheduling issues and Covid distancing, we do not offer end of game walk-throughs or paying for additional play time.
  • We do not have "Red Herrings" and our games are non-linear.