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Our Team Building Partners

Unlocking Success Together: 
In the fast-paced business world, effective teamwork is the key to success. Companies constantly seek innovative ways to strengthen their teams, and one activity that has gained significant popularity is escape room games. These immersive challenges offer more than just a thrilling adventure; they provide a unique opportunity for employees to enhance various aspects of their teamwork.  
Here are some frequently a
sked questions about our team building activities:

Q: How does it benefit my team?
A: We specialize in creating custom-made Escape Room experiences tailored to meet the specific needs of your team. As
team members work together to solve puzzles, they learn to listen to each other's ideas, communicate effectively, and utilize each other's strengths. This experience can also boost morale and foster a great team spirit among team members. All while having an exciting and engaging experience. By participating in our Escape Rooms, your team will learn how to work together more effectively, build stronger relationships, and ultimately improve your company's overall performance. 

Q: Is it safe?  

A: Yes, it is completely safe. The rooms are designed with safety in mind, and our staff is always on hand to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe experience.

Q: How many people can participate?
A: The number of people that can participate varies depending on the specific Escape Room. We can accommodate groups of 44 players per hour.   

Q: How do I book?

A: You can click on the buy tickets link found on our website. All of our games are private. If you need us to send you an invoice that’s payable by email, email us at: & we can get that sent right out to you!  

"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world,  but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime."  

Babe Ruth~

Bachelorette & Bachelor Escape Parties!

Sport Teams, Clubs, Community & Youth Group Escape Groups

10-14 Years)


Birthday Groups​ | Ages 10-13 Years

  • 5 Tweens Max! We limit the total number of tweens in a birthday group to a maximum of 5 tween players. This is to ensure they have a great game & the adult is able to help everyone. Please make sure you do not book for more than 5 tweens. (There are no age limits for players age 14+) 

  • If you are not sure how many attendees you will have, then make a reservation for two tickets and you can add other guests when you check in.


  • The Pink Argyle Diamond Heist (2-13 Players) (5-kiddos max. (Age 8 +))

  • The Case of the Mad Scientist (2- 13 Players) (5-kiddos max.) (Age 8+)

  • The Pirates Code (2 - 9 Players) (5-kiddos max.) (Age 10 +)

  • We do not allow tween birthday groups to book the D.B. Cooper escape game. (Age 10+) 


  • There must be 1-adult in the escape game to supervise and assist the birthday group at all times. 

  • Plan for a total of 90-Min. (15 Min. intro & game information | 60 Min. escape game playing time.) 


  • All players under age 18 years must have a signed waiver by their guardian PRIOR to entering our building in order to participate. Our online waiver link is at the bottom of our website & it will be emailed to you after you complete your reservation.   

  • Any damage of escape room props, will result in additional charges to the credit card holder who booked the reservation. We fully support the parent who is the supervising adult to ensure players are playing in a safe manor with their teammates and not using excessive force.

  • GIFTS: If we know in advance, we are able to hide your gift(s) in a game for the birthday person or the attendees. (Eg: flowers, balloon, cards, birthday prizes or a gift of $150 or less.) We are not able to stop the countdown timer once the players enter the game & we can't guarantee the players will finish their game. To make arrangements please email us at: (We are no longer allowing engagements due to game time restrictions and limited resources.)​ 

  • Step1: Buy Tickets

  • Step 2 Submit the online waivers  

  • Step 3 Arrive 15-min. early  

  • Step 4 Pay for any additional players on arrival 

  • Step 5 Have an awesome birthday experience!                   

  • Questions? Email:


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A vibrant and creative design representing the heart of artistic expression and cultural enrichment.
A vibrant and creative design representing the heart of artistic expression and cultural enrichment.
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